Sunday, September 03, 2006

How the media exploits sexual crimes

An article from the States regarding the media coverage of sexual crimes, particularly those against children.

The article is titled How the media exploits sexual crimes, and is by Lucinda Marshall, a feminist activist and journalist, who has written extensively on the subject in general.

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Pedophilia is routinely misused by the media. The actual meaning of this word means 'loving children' and to quote Lucinda Marshall's article "there is nothing loving about child pornography let alone the murder and sexual assault of children."

Claims that Warren Jeffs, leader of a polygamous US sect, arranged 'marriages' between young girls and older men is not the truth, in fact it is statutory rape and sexual enslavement of these young girls. Sexualised images of very young girls feeds into the myth 'many young girls are sexually provocative and they are to blame for leading adult men astray.'

Until such time as the realities of child sexual abuse are accepted and recognised, the media will continue to portray such crimes as voyeuristic entertainment - not crimes of child sexual abuse.

Jennifer, Truth About Rape Campaign.


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